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Safety On the Water

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When the weather co-operates, we operate!

We take safety very seriously! We check wind, weather and marine forecasts regularly to make sure it is safe to operate. We also like to educate our customers on marine safety, providing trip planning advice if needed. It is very important to understand tides, current and wind when embarking on any marine outing.


Adventure & Experience

Our goal is to provide you with a premium service. We aim to educate customers and leave them with a deeper respect for our amazing coastline and its unique flora and fauna. If you are using the shuttle service to embark on a multi-day trip, we can provide you with maps and forecasts and a full pre-trip safety inspection.

Respecting Wildlife

We abide by marine wildlife regulations. It is important to leave animals undisturbed  by maintaining a proper distance.


If you don't have a heavy duty camera, we can share our photos taken with a telephoto lens on your preferred platform.

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